Abound & Flourish is an LPC counseling business with a demonstrated history of working in the mental health care industry. They have a passion for coming alongside their clients by helping them navigate through areas in life where they feel disoriented and lost.

"I believe we were created to abound & flourish. However, we all face difficulties and challenges in life that may prevent us from experiencing true meaning and purpose." - Abound & Flourish

Brand Identity / Print


Scalability is always a concern when it comes to logos. I want to make sure that no matter how small or large the logo is used, it will be legible. Whether on a business card, in the header of your website, letterhead/envelopes, signage for the office, or an add-on for someone else's website. The flowers and leaves were drawn by hand using the iPad Pro and Pencil.


Most people can't help but think of something growing to become more beautiful. It takes good (thick strokes) and difficult (thin strokes) experiences to truly grow. The calligraphic approach shows that those thick and thin strokes create a picture of when we look back on our journeys.


This word comes from knowing we are abound in hope. We are abound in love. "Abound" is to be present, plentiful, and full.

Business Card