UKOURT enables professional-level real time statistics for high school basketball, recreational leagues, and other such organized sports programs. They focus on making stat tracking easier to manage and share to their sports fans. We created a digital stat tracker that enables every major stat line to be captured in real-time. This means NBA-level stats for the coach, their players and fans which can be accessed through the computer, tablet and mobile device.

Branding / Web / App


In the Bay Area, there are roughly 35k high school basketball teams each with 5k fans per team. This results in 175M total basketball fans at the high school level. We want to revolutionize the way basketball leagues track stats, communicate with their teams, and connect with the basketball community online thorugh cutting-edge technology.

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Mobile App

Our mobile app is what connects fans to the sports game. If a parent is unable to attend their child's game, they can follow the real-time play by play from afar. Players can look back on past games to view their stats.